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The Importance of Huzun to Orhan Pamuk in Istanbul...

Byzantium, a city built by Greek colonists to Constantinople, the capital of an empire and then Istanbul, Istanbul has seen almost everything. The zenith of civilization to the ruinous city ravaged by war and political chaos; Each time an empire fell; a new one was born from its ruins giving the people another chance at life, and this cycle continued and still continues. This constant struggle brings with it sorrow; sorrow of the loss of loved ones, sorrow of the loss of culture and sorrow of the fall of another empire and hope, hope of a new life, a restart. This feeling is unlike any other, and every citizen of Istanbul, new or old is afflicted by it, no matter which district they belong to, and through Istanbul: Memories and the City,†¦show more content†¦This aspect of Huzun stems from the fact that Istanbul is a city of two worlds, the junction of the east and the west. The two sides of the river are like two sides of a coin, each different than the other, yet part of the same existence. The simultaneous existence of these two great influences has resulted in a unique identity for Istanbul, which incorporates the west with the east, but history has shown time and again, two great powers cannot coexist in complete harmony, and the polar nature of these two cultures caused friction, friction that while gave Istanbul a new identity, also gave Istanbul problems unlike any other which was integral for Huzun as it brought them closer, because only an ‘Istanbullu’ could understand the problems of another ‘Istanbullu’. The people could neither relate to the people of the east, nor the people of west, the city of Istanbul was its own isolated community. A major origin of Huzun for Orhan Pamuk in Istanbul Memories and the City was the cultural clash that had engulfed the entire city. Slowly, as

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Project Prevention A Non Profit Organization - 1413 Words

Project Prevention formally known as C.R.A.C.K, is a non-profit organization that offers current and former drug addicted men and women an incentive of $300 to commit to use a form of birth control, options include an IUD, oral contraceptives, Depo-Provera or agree to sterilization. Barbara Harris, which is the founder of Project Prevention, adopted four children from the same drug addicted women who could not take care of her children. Barbara Harris came up with the idea of the organization when she could not get legislation passes that would have mothers of drug addicted babies be forced to commit to long tern birth control. According to the Project Prevention website, the organization strives to reduce the social burden of these†¦show more content†¦Drug-addicted women are the stakeholders in this dilemma. Drug-addicted or former drug-addicted women are being pressured into thinking that controlling their fertility is the only way in which to not be considered a horrible person or bad mothers. No one should be allowed to try to persuade women to give up their reproductive rights. Just because some women choose to use drugs or alcohol does not mean that they are not responsible enough to make proper health or parenting decisions on their own, they especially do not need monetary incentives to make sound decisions. â€Å"Evidence suggests that women who use drugs do not need to be paid to limit or end their fertility† (Olsen, 2014). Preferably, programs should try to minimize the barriers that these women have to face in order to obtain information. Organizations should be non-discriminating and non judgmental towards women’s reproductive health. When we are presented with a situation and we want to decide whether an act we are about to perform is right or wrong Kant would suggest to look at the maxims of the act itself and not just the amount of misery or happiness the act is most likely to produce. â€Å"We just have to check that the act we have in mind will not use anyone as mere means, and, if possible that it will treat other persons as ends in themselves† (O’Neil, 1985). Kant would want to help these men and women seek help for their drug addiction. Kant would treatShow MoreRelatedSolving the Problem of Homeless Veterans680 Words   |  3 Pagesmental health disabilities, related to their service, that necessitate permanent housing with supportive services. Montachusett Veterans Outreach Center, Inc. (MVOC), is a non-profit organized under tax code 501(c)(3), located in north central Massachusetts. It is one of the oldest continually operating veterans outreach organizations in the nation, in a state that has done much to support its veterans. Founded as the Vietnam Veterans Outreach Center in 1983, the center has expanded its services overRead MoreCompany Analysis : Public Limited Company1509 Words   |  7 Pageshelp the investor to make the best decision of the organization. Partnership: partnership is between individuals or between company to achieve the largest level cooperation relations. It can be share the resources and interests of the long term cooperation relation, the partnership have conjunct goals in the business that to earn the profit in the common company. Each partner need to believe each other, assume common risk and share common profit, together to keep the company have good developmentRead MoreA Brief Note On National Lung Cancer Partnership1425 Words   |  6 Pageslimit its spread in humans and work towards the cure. In particular, three (3) organizations are renowned to support the research. These organization offer grants to academic research personnel, most especially, Principal Investigators (PI) and non-profit organizations to support and encourage them to improve their research or develop new methods that can aid in the treatment of these diseases or viruses. The organizations are listed below: 1. National Lung Cancer Partnership 2. National InstituteRead MoreApplication Letter For The Master Of Public Health Program At New York University Essay1481 Words   |  6 Pagessector that are still to be surmounted. That said; recent initiatives in public health have yield astonishing improvements in maternal health, infant mortality rates and general community health awareness. In particular, during my first WHO-sponsored project in which I studied maternal mortality in rural Bangladesh, I surveyed one of the most underdeveloped and underprivileged areas of Bangladesh, called ‘Palash Bari’. What I saw there was nothing short of amazing. A village, where even a basic necessityRead MoreCrime Prevention in New Orleans729 Words   |  3 PagesCRIME PREVENTION IN NEW ORLEANS New Orleans is one of the most murderous cities in America but in 2013 the crime rate decreased by twenty percent compared to the year before. In 2012, one hundred and ninety-three people were murdered and in 2013, one hundred and fifty-five people were killed. Doctors use a different technique for those who were shot and wounded, which they say those victims survive from. This technique brought the murder rate down by fifteen percent. Non-profit Organizations, jobRead MoreCommunity Based And Residential Delinquency Program896 Words   |  4 Pagesprogram. In the year 2011 74% of the youth endorsed to an AMIkids group based project finished administrations, expanding from 70% in FY 2005-06. AMIkids has expanded the productivity of programming as of late, with normal lengths of administration diminishing both its group based and private misconduct mediations. About Six years back, it took about an average of 197 days for youth to finish AMIkids standard private projects. In 2011 thi s contrasts with a normal of 168 days. AMIkids has expanded theRead MoreBenefit Cost Analysis Of Social Programs. Child, Youth,1662 Words   |  7 Pagesinfrastructure, health or environmental programs due to the mental and intangible consequences. This paper addresses the main principles applied in BCA and procedural steps. It also compares BCA of programs conducted by nonprofit and government organizations. The strength and challenges of BCAs in family, child and youth programs are also assessed. I reached to a conclusion that; BCAs in this are is not mature yet, and needs to be improved by the researches through new studies. Table ofRead MoreInternational Aids Vaccine Initiative ( Iavi )900 Words   |  4 Pagesdecade (IAVI, 2016). However, much more technological, medicinal and research advancements need to be developed in order to address this destructive virus. The International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) is a comprehensive worldwide not-for-profit organization with a goal of certifying the progress and creation of a safe, successful, accessible, preventative HIV vaccines for available worldwide use (IAVI, 2016). History of IAVI By the 1990s, the epidemic of HIV and AIDS was sweeping across AfricaRead MoreInterpersonal Violence And Promoting Gender Justice829 Words   |  4 PagesCONNECT, Inc., is a New York City nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing interpersonal violence and promoting gender justice. It was founded in 1993 in NYC, and operates at a local level. CONNECT is a leading, non-profit training, educational and advocacy organization dedicated to the prevention and elimination of interpersonal violence. CONNECT’s multi-level approaches deal with both the systemic and individual roots of violence. In order to align with CONNECT’S mission, a major goal includesRead MoreThe Effects Of Domestic Violence On Children And Children852 Words   |  4 Pagesidentified as a public health priority. In 1980, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) began studying patterns of violence, which later became a national program to reduce death and disabilities due to injuries. In 1992, CDC created the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (NCIPC) and the leader in federal organization for violence prevention. Domestic violence has recently been recognized as a real and serious crime

Educating Patients on Using Computer for Information Free Essays

Patient Guide Chamberlain College of Nursing NR 361: Informatics Systems for Nursing Patient Guide to WWW A 28 year old male, college graduate, was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. He was very concerned with his diagnosis but anxious to know everything about this disease process. He wanted to be knowledgeable on Diabetes and take responsibility for his health. We will write a custom essay sample on Educating Patients on Using Computer for Information or any similar topic only for you Order Now Knowing the Internet could offer him a wealth of information he just needed guidance on how to go about it. He was computer savvy but was not sure what sites would offer him the best information on his diagnosis. With the abundance of information on the Internet, it is very important to develop evaluation skills to assist in identifying quality Webb pages (Hanson Hoss, 2008). A credible health site will contain information that is based on current scientific fact. The patient was directed to the site, http://www. diabetes. org. This site is associated with a reputable organization, the American Diabetes Association. The site provides contact information at the bottom of the page so you can verify validity of the organization. The site is well organized and maintained, a sign of inherent quality. The sources are listed and can be verified in other sources. The goals and purpose of the sponsoring organization is in the, â€Å"About Us† link. There are dates on the pages indicating, when it was created and updated keeping the information current, which is important with health information. This site has high quality and clinically relevant evidence. A search for Diabetes on Google brought up a site www. everydayh ealth. com/diabetes/index. aspx. This is a commercial site and the information lacked scientific quality. Most of the information given was opinion based. The site states that the information is not for treatment or diagnosis. There is also no contact information given. This site is maintained by a company that supports the consumer and advertising companies. The page had multiple advertisements that didn’t pertain to Diabetes. This would be a site that should raise concern and suspicion. The Internet can offer valuable information around the clock. However, the right tools to evaluate the information are the key to obtaining information that is correct for you (Anderson Klemm, 2008). References Anderson,A. Klemm,P. (2008) The Internet: Friend or Foe When Providing Patient Education?. Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing, 12 (1), 55-63. Hanson,D. Hoss,B. (2008) Evaluating the Evidence : Web Sites. Aorn Journal, 87 (1), 124-141. How to cite Educating Patients on Using Computer for Information, Papers

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Pain And Suffering In The Animal World an Example of the Topic Psychology Essays by

Pain And Suffering In The Animal World Introduction William Buckland, who composed one of the nine Bridgewater Treatises, argues the most critical issue of natural science: if God is compassionate and his creation demonstrates his "authority, insight and righteousness," then for what reason, pain, suffering, and seemingly pointless cruelty surround us in the animal world? In the past, efforts at refinement were focused primarily on reducing animal pain and suffering. Recent legislation reflects a broader view of refinement as the common welfare of the animals. The Laboratory Animal Welfare Act, as amended in 1985 in Public Law 99-198, and the revised 1991 regulations stress to train the animal-care personnel for supplying soothe, better husbandry and housing, and gentle handling. They require environmental enrichment for primates. Engineering standards specify certain cage size and structure requirements for animal well-being. Performance standards focus on the functional and mental state of the animals, as indicated by their behavior al repertoires and stress indicators. Need essay sample on "Pain And Suffering In The Animal World" topic? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you Proceed University Students Frequently Tell EssayLab professionals: How much do I have to pay someone to write my essay online? Essay writer professionals suggest: Buy Essay Papers And Live Free From Troubles Understanding the place of cognition in animals relates to their moral standing and the ways in which humans might best conduct themselves in relationship to them. In one commonly held point of view, it is supposed that provided an entity does not consider itself as an individual or able to feel and reflect on its experiences such as pain and suffering, what have happened to it does not matter ethically. Therefore, an understanding of the cognitive abilities of animals helps to inform the arguments used to justify either including or excluding animals from the protection offered by moral standing. The strongest reason for the return of talk about animal mind has been moral. Since the 1960s, society has grown increasingly concerned about animal treatment in the areas of scientific research, agriculture, and toxicity testing, and with that concern has come a social emphasis on issues of animal pain, suffering, fear, loneliness, boredom and anxiety, which has in turn forced science to reckon with these notions. For example, federal law passed in 1985 compels researchers to control "animal pain and distress." Researchers have thus been led to bring ordinary common sense about animal thought and feeling into science. New approaches in fields like cognitive ethology and studies in primate language and animal deception are also leading science back to the Darwinian approach to animal mind and to the use of ordinary common sense. In 1985, a modification to the Laboratory Animal Welfare Act was included in the Farm Bill and signed into law. This modification was then known as the Improved Standards for Laboratory Animals Act (Public Law 99-189). It requests researchers, involved in biomedical research on animals, to make an attempt to lessen pain and distress that animals face during the test. Additionally, the researchers are requested to check the availability of substitute methods. Animal Welfare Information Center (AWIC) in 1986 was set up after this modification. Behaviorism dominated American psychology for some 50 years (from the 1920s through the 1970s) and spread to many other countries. Behaviorism sent a powerful note to the scientific community that considering any mental states of animals, such as consciousness and feelings, is unscientific and therefore inappropriate. This message was accepted by a number of biomedical and other researchers practicing animal research because it allowed them to take the view that animals were not conscious or did not experience pain or suffering. The influence of behaviorism has decreased because of growing interest in human and nonhuman animal cognition (thinking and consciousness), which caused the growth of the domain of cognitive ethology, the study of animal minds. Chimpanzees can suffer physical and emotional pain similar to humans, and often for the same reasons. (Some have argued that human awareness of chimpanzees' ability to know and experience sentiments like humans and humans' ability to empathize with them in their suffering means that humans have a duty to take care of them with compassion and respect.) Despite the dismantling of the great hierarchical sequel of being, in our practices and ideas we continue to uphold a radical break between vertebrates and invertebrates. We resist the idea, for example, that insects may feel pain or suffering. More deeply, we deny that insects lead a life that they experience from their perspective. Yet the impersonal and flawless reasoning of the evolutionary perspective would teach us that a discontinuous break between vertebrates and invertebrates is arbitrary and anthropocentric. Animal rights philosophers also make the further point that most of our killing of animals is avoidable. Killing animals for sport is unnecessary. Most people can live healthy, happy lives without wearing fur or eating meat. Many of the animals killed in education and research are sacrificed for trivial information. Consequently, these philosophers contend that even if the killing of animals lacks the moral dimensions of killing humans, the pain we impose on animals when we slaughter them is unnecessary, and as a result, our routine killing of great numbers of animals is morally objectionable. Other animal rights philosophers emphasize that even if animals cannot value life itself or form long-range plans, killing them is ordinarily morally objectionable, even if it is done painlessly. When animals are slaughtered, they experience the loss for the rest of their lives. This lack makes killing animals morally disagreeable independent of the issue of pain suffered during the process of killing. Some animal rights advocates also question the assumption that animals cannot understand and fear death itself. It is difficult to tell whether an animal threatened with death fears death or the pain that ordinarily accompanies dying. Many animal rights advocates also question the assumption that animals cannot form long-range plans. They claim that even if animals cannot formulate plans that are as detailed and long term as human plans, they are not without plans altogether. Birds building nests, beavers building dams, squirrels storing nuts, and dogs waiting for their human companions to arrive home at the expected time seem to be examples of animal planning. If these animal rights advocates are correct, the reasons cited for the common difference in the moral significance of killing animals and killing humans are more a issue of level than a diversity in kind, i.e., a difference based on something humans have but animals lack. Conclusion The issue of how humans should treat in relation to non-human animals has been widely discussed by contemporary philosophers. (Singer, 1990) Mostly, this discussion is centered on the issue of what behavior we humans should have towards animals. The issue is frequently raised as if we are the right to use animals for our own intentions or whether we have a responsibility of hospitality for them, which includes what we humans like to call humanitarian attitude, as well as a level of respect for their home. The answer may depend to some degree on whether we pursue Cartesian dualism and consider animals as machines, or whether we see them as less significant but to some extent creatures similar to humans, occupying a place in the great variety of living beings, and able of having aims and senses we can understand and with which we can empathize. Bibliography Cigman Ruth (1981) Death, Misfortune, and Species Inequality, Philosophy and Public Affairs 10: 47-64 Frey R. G., (1983) Rights, Killing, and Suffering (Oxford: Basil Blackwell) Singer, P. (1990) Animal Rights, 2nd edn., first published in 1975 (New York, Random House).

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5 Points About Parallel Structure

5 Points About Parallel Structure 5 Points About Parallel Structure 5 Points About Parallel Structure By Mark Nichol The following five sentences present various problems with sentence organization. Each is followed by a discussion of the sentence and a revision that addresses the problem. 1. The policy is effective, proportionate, and meets the standards. Effective has the verb is, and standards is supported by meets, but proportionate has no dance partner. It needs the twin of is, or must share the original instance of the verb, as shown here: â€Å"The policy is effective and proportionate and meets the standards.† 2. It was a stated requirement not to further increase but, rather, to reallocate capital. This sentence is not wrong, but it suffers from a delayed keyword. It’s not clear until after the sentence is read that the intention is to counterpoint the idea of increasing capital with the idea of reallocating capital; capital is too far removed from the first word it is intended to be associated with. When capital is located immediately after that first word, the sentence is clearer, and a pronoun can replace the keyword at the end of the sentence: â€Å"It was a stated requirement not to further increase capital but, rather, to reallocate it.† 3. We appreciate your time and contributions to our study. If â€Å"and contributions† is omitted from this sentence, what remains is the ungrammatical â€Å"We appreciate your time to our study.† To clarify that time and contributions are not intended to be strictly parallel, the pronoun your should be repeated in order to produce two distinct clauses, where a repetition of â€Å"we appreciate† is implied after and: â€Å"We appreciate your time and your contributions to our study.† 4. They might be confronted with situations that they may not have experienced before and might test them to their limits. In the simple sentence â€Å"They might be confronted with situations that they may not have experienced before,† that is optional. However, in a more complex statement, it is necessary not once, but twice, to signal that â€Å"they may not have experienced before† and â€Å"might test them to their limits† are parallel phrases: â€Å"They might be confronted with situations that they may not have experienced before and that might test them to their limits.† 5. The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the National Credit Union Administration, and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency issued a joint statement on the new rules. The phrase â€Å"Board of Governors† applies only to the Federal Reserve System, so the first item in this list needs to be set off from the rest (rather, the list needs to be set off from this item) so that no implication that each of the other entities has a board of governors exists: â€Å"The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, as well as the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the National Credit Union Administration, and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, issued a joint statement on the new rules.† Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Grammar category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:Yours faithfully or Yours sincerely?â€Å"As Well As† Does Not Mean â€Å"And†75 Synonyms for â€Å"Hard†

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What You Need to Know to Succeed in the Retail Industry

What You Need to Know to Succeed in the Retail Industry Retail can be an excellent job for anyone- especially college-aged or retired people who need or want the flexibility and human interaction. It used to be fairly easy to just show up and get hired. Nowadays, it’s becoming a competitive field in its own right. Here are a few things to know to succeed in landing yourself a retail career.1. Performance MattersYou’re not simply there to help customers when they need it. You’re also there to perform well across a variety of metrics. Make sure you know what these are for your job and that you are meeting them. Otherwise, you will be let go.2. Customers are the Reason You Have a JobEveryone you speak to is your customer. And you should treat them with respect- each one is precious to your company, which can’t afford to lose any customers at all. If you get a totally unreasonable person, get management involved instead of getting snippy.3. Don’t ComplainNeither customers nor bosses (nor coworkers, for that matter) appreciate a Negative Nelly. Don’t gossip, don’t complain, don’t gripe about your hours. And never bad-mouth your company in anybody’s earshot. Be a positive force and get respect.4. Be FlexibleBeing a team player is important. Be willing to help your teammates get their work done, and to swap shifts with a desperate coworker in occasion.5. Respect the RulesTry not to cut corners. Respect your company’s policies. Don’t try to make new rules for yourself. Stick to what you’re told and be trusted to follow it to the letter.6. Take InitiativeSelf-motivation is important, as is the ability to take delegated tasks and do them without issue, promptly, and well. If you go above and beyond, as a rule, everyone will notice. And you’ll likely get ahead.7. Be ProfessionalRetail may seem like a more casual industry than others, but professionalism is no less important. Follow standard business etiquette at all times. Be courteous a nd polite and make a good first impression at every turn.8. Keep in Mind: There is a FutureRetail may just seem like a stop-gap job, but there are ample opportunities for growth if you keep your eyes open and continue striving.9. The Hours Can be ToughKeep in mind you’ll be working a lot of evenings and weekends. These are very busy times for most retailers and you’ll likely have to work some of these times. Some work environments will be slow, others will be rapid-paced and rapid-fire. Make sure you know which you’re most suited for before accepting any jobs.10. Confidence is KeyYou might not realize how important it is to engage with every customer, but it is crucial. Patience, empathy, respect, and positivity are also important. Greet every customer afresh, with a smile and a willingness to help, and you’ll do fine.

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Read-only Participants Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Read-only Participants - Article Example From the report it is clear that some of the researches that show the indispensable nature of constant communication when undertaking online modules. As such, the study concluded that professors and facilitators who participates and interacts with online scholars prevent them from frustrations and abandoning their course. Additionally, better cognitive results occur when learners engage and form an implicit community of learners. The growth of a community majorly depends on online interaction with their facilitator and peers. Learner perseverance, satisfaction, and cognitive outcomes characterize the creation of a virtual learning community. As the essay stresses modules requiring discussion forums permit a studious proactive contact with the professor and fellow scholars. In this case, this kind of learning enriches and facilitates the online teaching and learning environment by generating queries and replies of elevated critical thinking skills. The article, furthermore, identifies the third feature that we must regard when improving communication skills during online courses forums. In this, creating rapport and wholesome interaction enhances the online learning environment. This leads to a supportive interaction that provides substantial feedbacks to the questions formulated by instructors and fellow scholars. The article points out serious repercussions due to lack of effective communication within the online section. In this case, the research indicates the module completion of the module will face challenges that will bring down the grade.